About Grace

Grace Jackson is the founder, editor and publisher of a literary journal called Stories with Grace, a magazine with art, essays, and poetry written by women from all over the world. 


The mission of the Writing with Grace Company

My mission is to encourage and assist students in all stages of the writing process.  By capturing stories and creating written histories, writers ensure that our world will not be lost with the passage of time.  I believe that stories and storytelling connect us to one another.


Business communications

As a passionate writer, I enjoy sharing the richness and magnitude that I see in the details of everyday living. 


I write with detailed prose that is visual and evocative.  I produce clear and inspiring marketing tools because I write stories about people and their businesses, which engage and motivate audiences to act.



In addition to my work as the founder and editor of Stories with Grace, for more than ten years I have given talks and conducted workshops for all ages about the importance of journaling and creativity, inspiring the hidden writer to emerge in all of us. 

I have also been a writing tutor at the Writing Center at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington since 2007.


I.  A workshop for the emerging writer:  learn to write with grace

Week 1—Getting to know you.  Introducing journaling and the written self-portrait.  If you can speak, you can write.  Week 2—What are “Velcro words?”  How to paint a picture using words only.  Week 3—Getting it all down and putting it all together—saying it straight and simple.  This is a class about perseverance.  Week 4– Students can choose to read their work aloud or continue to finalize revisions.  We’ll look at the final product and celebrate our work as a group.


II. Writing workshops for middle and high school students

In collaboration with the student and family, topics can be tailored to suit the student's immediate writing needs.  Sample writing topics for middle/high school students include:


-   Strategies for writing introductions and conclusions

-   Brainstorming and writing the in-class essay

-   Writing the personal statement for college admission

-   Journalism and the AP style of writing

-   The benefits of using an outline

-   Overcoming writer's block

-   A writing club to encourage individual voices by journaling and sharing stories


III.  The art of writing your memoir with grace

Have you ever thought about writing your memoir, but weren’t sure how to start?  Do you think that memoirs are just for rich and famous people?  Join a fun writing group that will focus on the art of memoir.

A memoir does the following:


-   Explores an event or series of related events that remain lodged in memory

-   Describes the events and then shows why they are significant

-   Is focused in time; a snapshot of time.  A memoir doesn't cover a great span of years -- that's an autobiography

-   Is written in familiar style

 (Burch, C. Beth. Writing for Your Portfolio. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1999.)


In this two-hour, introductory workshop, we will define memoir and learn how to begin.  Previous writing experience is not required, and published writers are also welcome.  Please bring one of the following to the first class:  a favorite photograph, a sensory memory of a special taste, smell, touch or sound, or an example of what inspires you. 


IV.  A graceful writing workshop using the art of collage

This is a four-hour workshop where we will write a personal statement that will help us:


-   Find and direct our sense of place in the world

-   Discover a sense of origin

-   Become playful and adventurous

-   Gain momentum as we move through all of life stages


Attendees will create three tools:  a collage or a vision map; a self-directed statement of their life’s purpose and an artfully designed journal to take home.  These tools may help access the depths of inner wisdom. 


V.  Personal writing coach

I understand the value of one-on-one assistance for the writer at all stages of the writing process.  I am available to work with students and clients to help polish or finalize works in progress.  Together we can create a writing plan to achieve personal and professional goals.


I have also worked with clients to write engaging text for marketing tools and other forms of business communications.

For additional information about upcoming classes, workshops and fees, please email Grace at grace@storieswithgrace.com


As you keep writing, you will save your writing soul and find your place in the universe.

David Trottier


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