Spring 2004

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April 2004


Dear Graceful Reader


I am not a poet

But sometimes


I move the words

to fit the page.


In the early morning

the sky turns from

purple to blue


And clouds move

like a sheet in the wind.

Text Box: Duck Pond

When it gets to be too much

Too much love
Too much anger
Too much to do

I stop by the duck pond and rest.

And look at the stripes of sunshine 
across the sky
I watch silken black crows
Cry out over a crust of bread

I start the engine
Text Box: The Co-op

I am writing in the 
Food Co-op.
From this corner, behind the glass
I watch the world trundle by.

On my table 
A shiny green succulent
Sits in a terra cotta pot.
Salt and pepper shakers
Stand guard
Like the terra cotta army.

We watch a homeless man
Shuffle by
With plastic bags on his feet.