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Stories with Grace is dedicated to creating a community of women’s voices, sharing their story, and ours, one to another. Local independent booksellers are a gathering place for storytelling and community.  We urge you to buy and order Stories with Grace from one of these independent booksellers or ask at your local bookshop:


Eagle Harbor Books                                Village Books in Fairhaven
Bainbridge Island, WA                           Bellingham, WA
(206) 842-5332                                        (360) 671-2626

Elliot Bay Books                                     Waucoma Bookstore
Seattle, WA                                            Hood River, OR
(206) 624-6600                                       (541) 386-5353

University Bookstore                              Sparks Yard
Seattle, WA                                            Arundel, England
(206) 634-3400                                       (01903) 885588

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